Dairy Flyers

A2A2 Holsteins

A2A2 for The Next Generation

014HO14177 Cross Flyer

CROSS debuts as one of the highest Type sires available with elite Wellness traits.  

Jersey Robot Bonus

When looking to robots to milk your next generation of Jerseys, look to these Accelerated Genetics sires!

Holstein Robot Bonus

Efficiency is key when it comes to a robotic milking system.  Look to these Accelerated Genetics sires to help you develop the next generation. 

014GU318 Copper: Last Chance

last CHANCE! Don't miss out on the opportunity to add 14GU318 COPPER to your breeding program.  The last of his semen is now in the field.

Jersey Headliners: PROVEN

Jersey Headliners: PROVEN PERFORMERS

Jersey Headliners: GTPI

Jersey Headliners: GENOMIC

Holstein Headliners: CALVING EASE

 Holstein Headliners: CALVING EASE genetics

Holstein Headliners: WELLNESS

Breeding profitable, health cows

First 14: Protect Your Calf

TIMING IS EVERYTHING and the first hours and 14 days of your calf's life are critical. First 14 is a valid antibody source solution to assist in bridging this critical immunity gap. First 14 is formulated to provide immunity for days 1-14, the critical time for the calves' immune and enteric development.

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