Dairy Flyers

Genetics from a Trusted Cow Family

14JE758 Knock-Out and 14JE760 Kingston hail from the impressive brood cow, Shan-Mar Hilario Charlene-ET (E-90%). Her two high-ranking A2A2 sons will transmit elite type, outstanding udders and tremendous components. 

14BS902 Bucky

New release  BUCKY rings in as a production specialist standing in the top 5 for Milk, CFP, NM$ and CM$ in addition to offering A2A2.

14HO7923 Doctor

+2842 GTPI

+$932 NM$ | +1,608 MILK | +97 FAT | +3.0 DPR | +2.58 PTAT | +2.65 UDC

614HO14085 Solution

No. 1 DWP$ Sire in the Breed 

SOLUTION will sire moderate-sized cattle, capable of producing high components while maintaining health in the herd. SOLUTION checks all the boxes!

Escobar-P-Red 014HO14311

No. 1 TPI Red Polled Bull in the Breed! 

014HO14177 Cross Flyer

CROSS debuts as one of the highest Type sires available with elite Wellness traits.  

014JE00725 Casino Flyer

Family Still Matters

CASINO is out of the All-American Cinema who is proving herself as the ultimate brood cow. Early CASINO daughters are catching the eye of breeders everywhere. Look for them this fall on the colored shaving! Add some of this family’s appeal to your breeding program today by calling your local representative!

14GU474 Jaeger

Superior Type

+1.4 Type |  +1.1 UDC |  +1.6 FLC | +2.1 DPR

14JE1658 JX Dancer {3}-ET

 JX Dancer {3} never misses a beat! With 13 generations of Excellent or Very Good dams in his pedigree, this exciting A2A2 sire blends outstanding type with exceptional health traits Contact your local representative for this exciting JX AVON {2} son!

Available in Access SexedULTRA! 

Protein Breeds Access SexedULTRA Sires

Protein Breeds Access SexedULTRA Sires

When used properly in well-managed herds, Access Sexed Ultra can produce more heifer calves fo your operation to increase your herd size from within, avoiding the high cost of replacement heifers and the riskof disease when brining in heifers from other operations.