Animal Health Flyers

Keep Them Hydrated

For optimal health at all life stages, avoiding dehydration and electrolyte imbalance is critical. To combat heat stress or other hydration events, count on CALF ACCELLYTE and BOVINE ACCELLYTE II. 

Select BioCycle

Select BioCycle is an effective direct-fed microbial, formulated to aid in modulating immune function, digestion and helps cows resist everyday environmental challenges.

Pinch Pennies with Tri-Mic 1:50

TRI-MIC 1:50 is a direct-fed microbial which has been proven to increase microbial protein utilization by up to 13% and improve volitile fatty acids (VFA) produciton by 7%. For just pennies per cow, per day, TRI-MIC 1:50 can maximize the efficiency of your herd.

Calf Accellyte-For Optimal Absorption of Electrolytes and Water

CALF ACCELLYTE is a source of energy, electryolytes and complex sugars for young calves during periods of stress. 

Beat the Heat with Bovine Accellyte II

BOVINE ACCELLYTE II is a specialized electrolute for periods of stress, rehydration and pre-hydration. It contains electrolytes to replace those lost during stess, energy to provide an added boost when needed most, minerals needed to compensate for deficiencies from reduced feed intakes and vitamins necessary for life. 

Beat the Heat Brochure

Don't let the stress of heat take your herd down.  Beat the heat!

Build A Better Heifer

Follow these key steps to ensure that your calf will become the heifer she needs to be

Successful Passive Transfer-Critical First 21 Days-Strategic Liquid Feeding-Management & Environmental Events

Pasteurized Waste Milk

Many believe whole milk is 'nature's perfect calf diet;' however, to achieve optimal pre-weaning performance whole/waste milk needs enhancement in three ways. 


Management & Environmental Events

In the young calf, multiple energy dependent processes, such as development of the absorptive surface of the gut and immunce system, skeletal & muscular growth, early rumen development, and management practices that cause calf stress leading up to weaning, are occuring simultaneously. 

What is the solution?                 

The Critical First 21 Days

Build A Better Heifer

FIRST 21 is a unique combination of bioactive feed ingredients designed specifically to assist in bridging the critical 21-day immunity gap.