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Herd Benefits
  1. Genetic advancement through the use of EDGE™ and Reference sires.
  2. Payments will be rewarded to the owner for submitting accurate records to Accelerated Genetics on ALL progeny. Payments will be made on offspring of the EDGE™ sires, only. Payments will follow this schedule:
     a. Birth Weight, Calving Ease and Weaning Weight $10.00
     b. Yearling Weight $ 5.00
     c. Carcass/Ultrasound Data $ 5.00
     *Payment will be in the form of a check which will be sent with the copy of the performance information for the calf crop.
     *Calf must be born within 15 months of the sire’s allocation date.
  3. Accelerated Genetics will cover the cost of submitting the data to the respective breed association.
  4. You will receive a detailed copy of all of the performance information for your cow herd and calf crop at no cost.
  5. EDGE™ and Reference Sire semen will be sold at a discounted price.
Herd Qualifications
  1. Have a minimum of 200 head in your herd.
  2. Have excellent identification records.
  3. Keep accurate records for breeding and taking actual birth and weaning weights.
  4. Must agree to use proven bulls (0.85 accuracy or greater) as Reference sires along with the EDGE™ sires in the same contemporary group. The recommend ratio is 60% EDGE™ semen to 40% Reference semen.
  5. Must use the EDGE™ semen in the season for which it was purchased in order to receive payments. Breeding records must be sent to Accelerated Genetics at the conclusion of the breeding season.
  6. EDGE™ sires are selected on a first come, first served basis. A limited amount of semen will be available on each EDGE™ sire. Accelerated Genetics will give final approval over the sires selected.
  7. Must promptly report all data to Accelerated Genetics and provide Accelerated Genetics access to your herd’s performance records. Spring calving herds must report their data by November 1. Fall calving herds must report their data by May 15.
  8. Have cattle available for inspection by Accelerated Genetics.
Sires for the 2016 EDGE program
Angus Sires:

014AN00431  Elevation
014AN00437  Wind Over
014AN00447  Banker
014AN00448  Destination
014AN00451  Shooter
014AN00452  Black & Decker
014AN00453  Conversion
014AN00456  Asset
014AN00461  Acclaim
014AN00468  Ribeye
014AN00469  Direct Deposit*
014AN00470  Target
014AN00471  Resolution*
014AN00472  Compass*
014AN00473  Outstanding*

Red Angus Sires:
014AR02072   Zion
014AR02076  Blueprint
014AR02079  Sleep Easy

Hereford Sires:
014HP01034  Sure Bet

Simmental Sires:
014SM03085  Cowboy Up
014SM03088  Rawhide
014SM03089  Badlands

* Denotes Subject to Availability