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14AN502 Tahoe


Calf Accellyte-For Optimal Absorption of Electrolytes and Water

Addressing digestive upsets causing dehydration and electrolyte imbalance is critical. Calf Accellyte is a source of energy, electrolytes and complex sugars for young calves during periods of stress. To help them stay hydrated and healthy, ask your representative for Calf Accellyte today!

Single dose packets are now available!

Simple. Safe. Scientifically Proven. FIRST DAY FORMULA®

There is never a second chance for their first feeding. First Day Formula® is made with 100% dried bovine colostrum providing the protective benefits newborn calves need to optimize immune development and health. First Day Formula offers consistency for every calf with the research-based recommended amount of IgG’s and biosecurity from transmittable diseases,as well as feeding convenience whenever timing is a factor.   
To give your new born ideal colostrum replacement or to supplement maternal colostrum, CONTACT YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE TO LEARN MORE!

Best Calves Ever

For your best calves ever, look to 14HP1043 TORQUE, 14HP1030 BUILT TOUGH and 14HP1037 SMALL TOWN KID!

14AN515 Balance

As his name implies, BALANCE offers an incredible EPD profile with a stunning phenotype! The massively designed, big bodied, flawless structured sire is truly the cattlemen’s kind with his outstanding performance data, powerful DNA and EPDs in a moderate-frame, easy-fleshing package.

Red Angus-Proven Performers

Build your program around this outstanding set of proven sires.

Proven Performers

In a volatile market place, put your trust in these proven performers from Accelerated Genetics