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What is ACCESS®?

ACCESS® is sexed semen, available from Accelerated Genetics, that can help you get more heifer calves.
ACCESS® should be used on virgin heifers and is not recommended for use on lactating cows. ACCESS® Sexed Semen is available for both dairy and beef cattle and is also available in TOP GENETIC SIRES!

How is ACCESS® made?

ACCESS® sexed semen is processed using flow cytometry to sort the female/X chromosome-bearing sperm cells from the male/Y chromosome-bearing sperm cells.

Why should I use ACCESS® sexed semen?

When used properly in well-managed herds, ACCESS® sexed semen can produce more heifer calves for your dairy or beef operation. This allows you to increase your herd size from within, avoiding the high cost of replacement heifers and the risk of disease when bringing in heifers from other operations.

What is the female gender ratio for ACCESS® sexed semen?

Research has shown that the conception rate of sexed semen in virgin heifers is 35 to 40 percent versus 55 to 60 percent using conventional semen. Because of the lower conception rates, ACCESS® is not recommended for use on lactating cows.

For best results, only inseminate heifers that are in standing heat. ACCESS® is not recommended for use with synchronization programs.

What is the proper way to handle ACCESS® sexed semen straws?

Working with sexed semen is similar to working with conventional semen. However, because 1/4-cc sexed semen straws contain fewer sperm cells than 1/2-cc straws of conventional semen and the vitality of the semen is somewhat compromised in the sorting process, extra precaution should be taken to ensure an optimum conception rate.
Accelerated Genetics representatives can help producers develop an individual breeding strategy for their operations. Contact your local Accelerated Genetics representative for more details.

GEM allows you to create a personalized sire selection index that picks the ideal bull for each producer’s particular breeding program.  With over 300,000 bulls, GEM has access to the largest bull database for mating programs.

Inbreeding Management and Genetic Excellence, IMAGE, combines three of any dairyman’s favorite words: efficient, profitable and simple. Accelerated Genetics is proud to offer the solution progressive producers have been searching for to manage inbreeding effectively and easily across a herd. IMAGE is a population mating tool to identify bulls which are safe to use across a group of cattle at random while eliminating inbreeding worries. Dairymen can be confident in achieving steady genetic progress through selecting strong sire candidates which fit their milk market and protecting for unrealized losses from inbreeding.

IMAGE has been innovatively developed by Accelerated Genetics for progressive dairies concerned with the costly effects of inbreeding, but in search of increased efficiency over individual matings. IMAGE will identify safe to use bulls for entire herds, specific pens or heifer groups.

Not all herds are a good match for individual matings due to size, in house technician efficiency, herd records or management preferences. As herd sizes increase, uniformity and management of cattle in groups will become more important to herd managers. The goal of IMAGE is to increase efficiency in such herds, while still accelerating herd genetic profitability. The program has flexible pedigree requirements making an option for producers with limited pedigree records, as semen usage history or other genetic history records can be utilized.

GEM (Genetic Evaluation and Mating): “Take Care of Genetic Worries”

Get a new copy of GEM

Accelerated Genetics has the ability to work with producers to design matings to best fit their herd management system and style with GEM.
·  Professional Herd Analysts: cows can be mated as often as your herd demands and Herd Analysts will work around your schedule.  Heifers can be mated manually or by pedigree.
·  Managing inbreeding, haplotypes, health traits and genomic considerations with mating decisions: all 17 of the major type traits plus production and miscellaneous traits are considered with each mating.
·  Create a balanced and uniform offspring group: GEM works to correct the traits that need to be corrected without compromising the other traits.
·  Fast and efficient – results available on the spot: GEM results are printed right on the farm.  You have the option of sorting virgin heifers from cows, sorting by breed or by date.  Results can be viewed as two choices or three per page with varying information given in each format.
·  Compatible with most dairy management programs: Results are able to be exported into PC Dart or Dairy Comp and can be saved as an Excel file for use in almost any computer system.

Flexible Mating Program

GEM allows you to create a personalized sire selection index that picks the ideal bull for each producer’s particular breeding program.  With over 300,000 bulls, GEM has access to the largest bull database for mating programs.  Also, there is just under 1,000,000 total animals in the database, helping GEM to consider six generations of pedigree information to complete recessive match checks on each potential mating.
The producer has total flexibility to select the bulls you want using the criteria you choose.  This includes following your philosophies on genetic recessives, type traits, production, genomics, etc.  Every MACE bull is included in the GEM program, including competitor bulls.

A History You Can Trust

Accelerated Genetics brought you the first laptop based on farm mating system over 15 years ago.  Since that time the GEM program has continued to grow and evolve into one of the top on farm dairy mating programs, mating over 1,000,000 cows per year.

IMAGE: Inbreeding Management and Genetic Excellence

       The ONLY Company in the industry with a tool like this!

       Personalized Expected Future Inbreeding (EFI)

       Categorizes bulls safe to use at random across a group

       Protect for inbreeding, recessives and haplotypes without needing individual matings

      Increase efficiency

       Animal pedigrees are not required

      Use semen usage history or other genetic history

      Great for herds with limited pedigree records or management deficiencies        

Protect for Inbreeding without Individual Matings

       Report Calculations:

      Herd EFI

      Candidate sire’s probability of having an inbreeding coefficient over 6.25% when used at random in the group

       Report Sections

      Genetic History of Population

      “Safe to Use at Random” Service Sires

      “Use with Care” Service Sires

      “Use with Caution” Service Sires

       Average inbreeding coefficient for all possible mating combinations based on candidate sires and herd genetic history

ReproConnections ®

Accelerated Genetics understands that a successful reproduction program is not only learning how to breed cows, but that there is a whole system needed to find the right cows in heat and to breed them at the right time. The Accelerated Genetics’ team can provide you or your employees with the knowledge and training skills needed to manage your breeding program efficiently. 

Our experienced professionals can provide training schools in your area or arrange for on-farm training of herdspersons or employees covering Artificial Insemination and Heat Detection, and Tail Chalk Management Systems. Our group of reproduction specialist can also provide these training in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

A.I. School Training includes:

 Cow Reproductive Anatomy
 Cow Reproductive Physiology
 Breeding Kit and Components
 Estrus Cycle
 Insemination Procedure - both using reproductive tracts and live animals
 Nitrogen Tank and its Care
 Record Keeping
 Semen Handling and Quality Assurance
 Heat Detection Overview
Tail Chalk:
 Synchronization Protocols for Timed Artificial Insemination
 Trouble Shooting Breeding and Conception Problems
 Cattle Handling Facilities
 Chalk & Breed Training

What are Synchronization programs and how can they help your herd's reproduction?

Synchronization programs facilitate reproduction management in your farm by concentrating heats into a reduced period of time (synchronization of estrus) or by allowing for programmed breeding without estrus detection (synchronization of ovulation with fixed time A.I.).

What are the benefits to Estrus Synchronization?

  • Easy to Manage: A.I. Embryo transfers or other assisted reproduction procedures are easlily managed since cows or heifers are in estrus at a predicted time period.
  •  Early Conception Rates: Females that are in the cycling phase will conceive earlier during the breeding period.
  •  Labor Expenses Decrease: The time required for estrus detection is reduced in return reducing labor costs.
  •  Practical: A.I. becomes more workable and stuctural.
The following guidelines are designed to give you the latest in estrus synchronization systems. From these guidelines management decisions can be made on the system that best suits your herd's reproductive goals. No cost analysis was done on the drugs involved. The features described are based on technical merit only. The synchronization protocols will be listed along with the features of each system.
To understand estrus synchronization we need to review the hormonal control of reproduction. During a normal estrus cycle gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) is produced by the hypothalamus resulting in the release of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) by the anterior pituitary. These hormones act to cause the growth and development of follicles which are structures on the ovary housing the developing eggs. Most of the follicles will regress but one will become dominant and eventually ovulate. After ovulation a corpus luteum (CL) is formed in place of the follicle. The CL is responsible for the production of progesterone which is a hormone necessary to maintain pregnancy. If pregnancy does not occur another hormone prostaglandin is released by the endometrium and acts to regress the CL thereby initiating another cycle.
CIDR ProgramsControlled Internal Drug Release (CIDR) devices are approved for use on all dairy andbeef animals in the United States.
Functional description:
 Artificial Corpus Luteum
 Natural progesterone
 Manually administered and easily removable
 Rapid increase in peripheral progesterone concentration following administration. Rapid decline in peripheral progesterone after removal.
 Similar actions as/alternative to:
 Tighten estrus synchronization - heifers bred in a narrow window. A tremendous time saving.
 Induces cyclicity in some anestrus animals.
 Can bring prepubertal heifers into estrus.
 Fertile heats regardless of the stage of they cycle.
 More pregnancies
 Heats demonstrated:
 17% Controls
 37% Lutalyse® (PGF2a)
 80% CIDR and Lutalyse® (PGF2a)