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What is ACCESS®?

ACCESS® is sexed semen, available from Accelerated Genetics, that can help you get more heifer calves.
ACCESS® should be used on virgin heifers and is not recommended for use on lactating cows. ACCESS® Sexed Semen is available for both dairy and beef cattle and is also available in TOP GENETIC SIRES!

How is ACCESS® made?

ACCESS® sexed semen is processed using flow cytometry to sort the female/X chromosome-bearing sperm cells from the male/Y chromosome-bearing sperm cells.

Why should I use ACCESS® sexed semen?

When used properly in well-managed herds, ACCESS® sexed semen can produce more heifer calves for your dairy or beef operation. This allows you to increase your herd size from within, avoiding the high cost of replacement heifers and the risk of disease when bringing in heifers from other operations.

What is the female gender ratio for ACCESS® sexed semen?

Research has shown that the conception rate of sexed semen in virgin heifers is 35 to 40 percent versus 55 to 60 percent using conventional semen. Because of the lower conception rates, ACCESS® is not recommended for use on lactating cows.

For best results, only inseminate heifers that are in standing heat. ACCESS® is not recommended for use with synchronization programs.

What is the proper way to handle ACCESS® sexed semen straws?

Working with sexed semen is similar to working with conventional semen. However, because 1/4-cc sexed semen straws contain fewer sperm cells than 1/2-cc straws of conventional semen and the vitality of the semen is somewhat compromised in the sorting process, extra precaution should be taken to ensure an optimum conception rate.
Representatives can help producers develop an individual breeding strategy for their operations. Contact your local representative for more details.

Limitations and Conditions of Sale: ACCESS® semen shall be used only for the single insemination of one female bovine during natural ovulation with the intent to produce a single offspring unless specifically approved on an individual customer basis by Sexing Technologies in writing. As a condition of purchasing ACCESS semen, the purchaser agrees that ACCESS semen will not be reverse sorted or re-sorted unless specifically permitted, in advance, on a case-by-case basis by Select Sires in writing. Select Sires intends to monitor the use of ACCESS semen and vigorously enforce these
restrictions on use.