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Calf Accellyte-For Optimal Absorption of Electrolytes and Water

Addressing digestive upsets causing dehydration and electrolyte imbalance is critical. Calf Accellyte is a source of energy, electrolytes and complex sugars for young calves during periods of stress. To help them stay hydrated and healthy, ask your representative for Calf Accellyte today!


Strategic Liquid Feeding-Milk Replacer

Choosing the proper milk replacer will help keep calves healthy and assist you to reach your business objectives. Milk replacers have varying specifications including: protein and fat levels, protein source, medication and feeding rate. To achieve your calf performance goals, an optimal milk replacer feeding program can be developed combining the appropriate quality milk replacer formulation and feeding rate, calf expertise and consulting, and available research proven prediction resources.

Build A Better Heifer

Follow these key steps to ensure that your calf will become the heifer she needs to be

Successful Passive Transfer
Critical First 21 Days
Strategic Liquid Feeding
Management & Environmental Events

Strategic Liquid Feeding-Pasteurized Waste Milk

Many believe whole milk is 'nature's perfect calf diet;' however, to achieve optimal pre-weaning performance whole/waste milk needs enhancement in three ways. 


Management & Environmental Events

In the young calf, multiple energy dependent processes, such as development of the absorptive surface of the gut and immunce system, skeletal & muscular growth, early rumen development, and management practices that cause calf stress leading up to weaning, are occuring simultaneously. 

What is the solution?                 

The Critical First 21 Days

Build A Better Heifer

FIRST 21 is a unique combination of bioactive feed ingredients designed specifically to assist in bridging the critical 21-day immunity gap.

Successful Passive Transfer - BABH

Build A Better Heifer

The goal of feeding colostrum is to achieve successful passive transfer. This occurs when enough antibodies from quality maternal colostrum or colostrum replacer are absorbed into the bloodstream of the calf.

Simple. Safe. Scientifically Proven. FIRST DAY FORMULA®

There is never a second chance for their first feeding. First Day Formula® is made with 100% dried bovine colostrum, providing the protective benefits newborn calves need to optimize immune development and health. First Day Formula offers consistency for every calf with the research-based recommended amount of IgGs and biosecurity from transmittable diseases, as well as feeding convenience whenever timing is a factor.   
To give your newborn ideal colostrum replacement or to supplement maternal colostrum, CONTACT YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE TO LEARN MORE!

Select DTX Turns up the Heat!

Designed specifically for feed challenges caused by mold and their metabolites. 

Build A Better Heifer Flyer

We can help you with calf raising strategies and solutions for:

Successful passive transfer | The critical first 21 days Strategic liquid feeding programs | Management and environmental events