Dairy Flyers

Modern Day Sires for the Modern Day Dairy


14HO14303 Hadrian
DWP$  | +919 NM$ | +1,904 Milk | +152 CFP

14HO14193 Whino
DWP$  | +906 NM$  | +1,648 Milk | +130 CFP

014BS890 Angelo

INTRODUCING...one of the highest ranked Norwin sons in the breed ANGELO! This uniquely sired bull hails from the impressive brood cow, R Hart Brookings Atlanta "2E91 2E93MS."

014HO07802 Devour Flyer

DEVOUR...comes from an All-American family with his nearest seven dams averaging 96.6 points. With three dams having 12 All-American nominations under their belt, they have proven to transmit to the next generation. DEVOUR into this line of the Apple family to make the next GREAT RED ONE!

014BS00393 Dynamite


014AY00120 Kingsire


014HO07303 Gambler

GAMBLER daughters are impressing breeders around the world in a wide variety of environments. 

014JE00648 Leonel

JX Leonel {3} is over delievering breeder satisfaction around the world! He is more than just high production, his daughters also excel in possessing eye-appealing type with outstanding udders. Add JX Leonel {3} to your mating program, contact your local representative today!

014HO07835 LUCKY-PP-Red-ET

Proven Calving Ease!

First 14: Protect Your Calf

TIMING IS EVERYTHING and the first hours and 14 days of your calf's life are critical. First 14 is a valid antibody source solution to assist in bridging this critical immunity gap. First 14 is formulated to provide immunity for days 1-14, the critical time for the calves' immune and enteric development.

Flyer # 80704

Genetic Connections


Accelerated Genetics values what an important investment your genetics is to the overall success of your business. Therefore, we are proud to offer you Genetic Connections, the most comprehensive and flexible genetic consulting program in the industry. Whether you are looking for the perfect mating strategy for your goals from the GEM Mating Program, Inbreeding Protection from the IMAGE program or an overall Genetic Analysis of your herd, our professional Genetic Consultants are trained to guide you in maximizing your genetic investment.