Dairy Flyers

014HO07835 Lucky PP-RED

Early milking daughter of LUCKY-PP-RED are impressing dairymen with their eye-appealing udders and outstanding fitness traits!

14HO7770 Helix

#1 Proven TPI Sire!

614HO14220 Riveting

Riveting checks all the boxes! His DWP$, CM$ and GTPI values, along with extreme health traits, make him the ideal sire for your program.
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614JE1712 JX Butkus {4}

No. 1 Genomic CM$ Sire in the breed

Add this No. 1 genomic Cheese Merit Dollars sire to your program by contacting your representative today!

614HO14607 Limelight-P

No. 1 Genomic TPI® Polled Sire

14BS393 Dynamite


DYNAMITE calves are catching the eyes of breeders around the country. Contact your local representative today!

014JE00670 Lemonhead

This A2A2 and fertility specialist has become a customer-pleaser. Contact your representative to add LEMONHEAD to your program today!

14BS910 Can-Due

Contact your local representative today for the sire that can do it all!

Jersey Headliners Superior Sexed Fertility

Continuing our commitment to customer success, Accelerated Genetics offers Superior Sexed Fertility sires. Research trials and field fertility data clearly and repeatedly confirm that some sires achieve much greater conception rates than others, irrespective of sperm dosage. Using a Composite Fertility Index (CFI), we have identified Superior Sexed Fertility sires through their above-average conception performance with sex-sorted semen.

Jersey Headliners: Cheese Merit $

Cheese Does Matter!