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Accelerated Conception Evaluation (ACE) is a sire fertility index developed by Accelerated Genetics by collecting data from dairies across the United States. ACE uses a complex statistical model that accounts for both cow and environmental factors such as parity, number of inseminations, season of breeding, level of milk production,
year of breeding, farm and days in milk; the response variable is sirefertility. The reproduction results included in the analysis are basedonly on actual pregnancy checks, not non-return rates.


What is ACCESS®?

ACCESS® is sexed semen, available from Accelerated Genetics, that can help you get more heifer calves.
ACCESS® should be used on virgin heifers and is not recommended for use on lactating cows. ACCESS® Sexed Semen is available for both dairy and beef cattle and is also available in TOP GENETIC SIRES!


GEM allows you to create a personalized sire selection index that picks the ideal bull for each producer’s particular breeding program.  With over 300,000 bulls, GEM has access to the largest bull database for mating programs.

Inbreeding Management and Genetic Excellence, IMAGE, combines three of any dairyman’s favorite words: efficient, profitable and simple. Accelerated Genetics is proud to offer the solution progressive producers have been searching for to manage inbreeding effectively and easily across a herd. IMAGE is a population mating tool to identify bulls which are safe to use across a group of cattle at random while eliminating inbreeding worries. Dairymen can be confident in achieving steady genetic progress through selecting strong sire candidates which fit their milk market and protecting for unrealized losses from inbreeding.

IMAGE has been innovatively developed by Accelerated Genetics for progressive dairies concerned with the costly effects of inbreeding, but in search of increased efficiency over individual matings. IMAGE will identify safe to use bulls for entire herds, specific pens or heifer groups.

Not all herds are a good match for individual matings due to size, in house technician efficiency, herd records or management preferences. As herd sizes increase, uniformity and management of cattle in groups will become more important to herd managers. The goal of IMAGE is to increase efficiency in such herds, while still accelerating herd genetic profitability. The program has flexible pedigree requirements making an option for producers with limited pedigree records, as semen usage history or other genetic history records can be utilized.


Accelerated Genetics understands that a successful reproduction program is not only learning how to breed cows, but that there is a whole system needed to find the right cows in heat and to breed them at the right time. The Accelerated Genetics’ team can provide you or your employees with the knowledge and training skills needed to manage your breeding program efficiently.