Animal Health Products are valuable assets for every farm. From Calf Management to adult dairy and beef cattle, Accelerated Genetics has a variety of Animal Health Products that will maximize your production, reproduction and health of all your dairy and beef cattle. To learn more about Animal Health Products, contact your local Accelerated Genetics' Representative today! 

Vink Calf Puller

A single-handed calf puller. The Vink Calf Puller stays where you want it,  when you need it, because it cannot slip out of position. This product is constructed of stainless steel.

Vink Cow Lift

Used to assist down animals to stand. The Vink Cow Lift can easily be adjusted for any size cow.

Cow Cuff Link II

The Cow Cuff Link is a hobble that simply attaches to the cow’s ankles. It is completely adjustable from 12”-24” and provides stability after difficult calving. It is made of 6000 lb. tensile strength nylon webbing with all stainless steel components using a positive lock buckle system.

Afimilk Silent Herdsman

Simply put, Silent Herdsman will help you make more money, save time and keep your herd healthy wherever you are.