Animal Health Products are valuable assets for every farm. From Calf Management to adult dairy and beef cattle, Accelerated Genetics has a variety of Animal Health Products that will maximize your production, reproduction and health of all your dairy and beef cattle. To learn more about Animal Health Products, contact your local Accelerated Genetics' Representative today! 


Lotion for the cow udder. The active ingredient in Dairymint is 35% pure Japanese peppermint oil, which is well known for its high quality, purity, and unique healing properties. 


ToDAY® (cephapirin sodium) allows dairy producers to treat mastitis flare-ups in lactating cows. 

ToMORROW® (cephapirin benzathine) provides broad-spectrum mastitis protection for dry cows. 


An alcohol-based teat protection dip that sanitizes and seals the teat canal for 3-7 days. 


A paste that acts as a physical barrier against mastitis-causing bacteria, locking them out for the entire dry period. 


Single-use Dari-Towls® protect profits by helping control the spread of infectious mastitis. More sanitary than rags or sponges, Dari-Towls® provide a set of clean, absorbent prep towels for each cow, minimizing the chance of cross-contamination in the herd.

TNT Nitrile Gloves

Premium disposable 5-mil nitrile glove. 9” length, beaded cuff, teal color. Available lightly powdered inside or powder-free, 100 ct.

Teat and Barrier Dips

The prevention of bovine mastitis is the most important component of a mastitis control program, and both pre and post dipping or spraying are important factors.

Barn Sanitation

A critical step in the production of safe and wholesome milk is the effective cleaning and sanitation of equipment and the surrounding environment.