Animal Health Products are valuable assets for every farm. From Calf Management to adult dairy and beef cattle, Accelerated Genetics has a variety of Animal Health Products that will maximize your production, reproduction and health of all your dairy and beef cattle. To learn more about Animal Health Products, contact your local Accelerated Genetics' Representative today! 

SOP® Lagoon

For use in liquid manure storage. One bag for 1,000 cow treatments. Treat once a week or once a month if using SOP C Cow in barn. 

SOP® Gold Cow

SOP® GOLD COW brings added convenience to the control of environmental pathogens and reduction of somatic cell count in mature cows. This product is placed directly in the mixing wagon (7oz/100 head/day); it arrives in the barn environment by passing through the animal (without affecting the digestion process and the nutritional value of the daily ration) and acts as a bio-hygienizer. 

SOP® C Calf

For use in calf hutches and barns while calves are on milk diet.  One bag for 665 calf treatments  Treat twice a week.

SOP® C Cow

For use in free stalls, bedding packs and compost barns. One bag for 200 cow treatments. Treat once a week (twice a week treatment in maternity pen or double application once a week)(use 1/3 ounce twice a week for compost barns).