Animal Health Products are valuable assets for every farm. From Calf Management to adult dairy and beef cattle, Accelerated Genetics has a variety of Animal Health Products that will maximize your production, reproduction and health of all your dairy and beef cattle. To learn more about Animal Health Products, contact your local Accelerated Genetics' Representative today! 

Tri-Mic 1:50

Improve feed intakes and feed utilization for maximum production and reproductive performance with Tri-Mic 1:50.

Bovine Accellyte II

A specialized electrolyte for periods of stress, rehydration and prehydration 

Freshen Up

Fresh cow protocol to be administered immediately after calving to reduce the incidence of milk fever, retained placenta and ketosis. 

Accelerated Heat

Designed to enhance reproductive performance in dairy and beef cattle including embryo transfer donors and recipients. 


An encapsulated, highly concentrated source of rumen-specific microbes in bolus form. Each capsule has a guaranteed viable count of 100 billion colony forming units (CFU). Tri-Start enhances the rumen environment to improve digestive performance and repopulate rumen microflora after periods of stress.


Bovikalc® is an oral calcium supplement containing two calcium sources. Calcium chloride is available rapidly, while calcium sulfate provides sustained release of calcium during the period after calving, when fresh cows need it most. 

Accel Fortifier 1:50

A concentrated source of chelated and inorganic trace minerals to be mixed into premixes, minerals, supplements and total mixed rations to enhance reproductive performance.         

Accel MXL-600

Combat feed quality challenges and enhance liver function with Accel MXL-600. Accel MXL-600 is a combination of beneficial micronutrients designed to assist animal performance during periods of feed quality challenges.

Accel Ensile

Accel Ensile forage inoculants contain multiple strains of lactic acid-producing bacteria, which act as an aid in the fermentation process and preservation of forages. Our patented process of stabilization and packaging ensures that all Accel Ensile inoculants contain live and viable bacteria specifically selected for the crop being ensiled.