Employees of Accelerated Genetics Recognized By National Association of Animal Breeders


By Kari Stanek

Posted Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB), recently recognized 14 Accelerated Genetics employees at a special luncheon among industry peers. NAAB provides recognition to various persons in the A.I. industry that have reached significant milestones in their careers. Awards are issued for insemination technicians at the benchmarks of 100,000, 150,000 and 200,000 first service cows inseminated and sales representatives are honored with awards at the benchmarks of 500,000, and 1,000,000 unit sales of semen.
Individuals recognized for First Services:
Daniel Allen, Reproduction Services Technician – Livingston, Wis. - 100,000 Cow Award
Carl Avery, Reproduction Services Technician – Durand, Wis. - 100,000 Cow Award
John Dean, Reproduction Services Technician – Postville, Iowa - 100,000 Cow Award
Bryce Fischer, Area Sales Manager – Valders, Wis. - 100,000 Cow Award
Jason Goke, Reproduction Services Technician – Belleville, Wis. - 150,000 Cow Award
Mark Rude, Reproduction Services Technician – Ridgeland, Wis. - 150,000 Cow Award
Richard Welke, Reproduction Services Technician – Stanley, Wis. - 150,000 Cow Award
Kenneth Montsma, Reproduction Services Technician – Brandon, Wis. - 175,000 & 200,000 Cow Awards

Individuals recognized for Unit Sales of semen:
Tom Kugler, Independent Sales Representative – Valley Falls, N.Y. - 500,000 Unit Sales
Cesar Silvera, District Sales Representative – Arlington, Wash. - 500,000 Unit Sales
Scott Brim, Independent Sales Representative – Roswell, N.M. - 1,000,000 Unit Sales
Benny Cotta, Independent Sales Representative – Dos Palos, Calif. - 1,000,000 Unit Sales
Dan Esch, District Sales Representative – Dodgeville, Wis. – 1,000,000 Unit Sales

Accelerated Genetics is very proud of its many dedicated employees serving customers across the United States. “It’s great to honor these employees for their long-time commitment in helping ensure their customer’s success, year after year,” states, Pam Hendel, Vice President Domestic Sales at Accelerated Genetics.