End Product is Testament of Breeding


By Chelsey Johnson

Posted Monday, August 15, 2016

Wert Angus Ranch has used AI for 12 years. Over that time, with the guidance of Accelerated Genetics ISR Dennis Comer, they have seen their end beef product improving year after year. 
Dennis says that he has enjoyed watching the herd evolve over the past 10 years. He is pleased with the maternal nature of the daughters as well as the overall improvements in growth.

“I think when he is getting 1,300-lb animals at 13 months old, he is doing a great job at developing those animals. I know there are some feeders in the area that can’t believe he is doing this—especially with no hormones,” Dennis explained. “I think that is a good testament to the breeding and to Robert’s extra work in getting them there.”

Robert has developed a unique program for marketing his beef end product. After calving in December, weaning occurs in July. From there, he keeps his steers on feedlot until January. Robert has found a niche market in which he sells his product to local customers who are looking for beef that is raised without the use of hormones.

“We try to stay just a tick above the market so that we get a premium,” Robert pointed out. “I has been a really good thing and we have had no complaints so far. I really haven’t advertised either. It has all been by word of mouth. I have even started delivering beef out of state.”

Watch the video above to listen to Robert explain how they market their beef end product. This is part four of a five part video series about Wert Angus Ranch.