New GeneFORCE sires available at Accelerated Genetics


By Angela Lindloff

Posted Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Accelerated Genetics is happy to announce 16 new GeneFORCE sires now available to fit your herd's genetic goals! This group of elite new sires have a variety of offering to meet every producer's needs. Check them out today! 

 014HO07801 Haroldo: +2716 GTPI, +821 NM$, +2.20 PTAT
 014HO07857 Accelreign: +2687 GTPI, +130 CFP, +1700 Milk
 014HO07841 Lavon: +2682 GTPI, +844 NM$, 7.1% SCE 

 014HO07862 Macau: +2677 GTPI, +858 NM$, +74 Fat, A2A2
 014HO07794 Guru: +2701, +875 NM$, +98 Fat, +1437 Milk
Other great sires:
 014HO07800 Hitest 
 014HO07796 Griff
 014HO07834 Bronze 
 014HO07809 Axel 
 014HO07828 Accelodin 
 014HO07819 Silver Arrow 
 014HO07854 Accelnirvana 
 014HO07818 Classy Entrance 
 014HO07832 Santana 
 014HO07844 Riptide 
 014HO07835 Lucky PP-Red