Accelerated Genetics Releases 13 New Proven Holstein Sires


By Angela Lindloff

Posted Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Accelerated Genetics is excited to release 13 new proven Holstein Sires. These sires have a variety of offerings to add to any herd worldwide. Click on any of the below sires to view their sire page. 
014HO07347 Monty (Mogul x Bolton x AltaRolex): +2566 TPI, +2040 Milk, +159 CFP 

014HO07303 Gambler (Mogul x Atwood x AltaThrone): +2510 TPI, +2.32 PTAT, 5.9% CE

014HO07340 Payton (Mogul x Man-O-Man x Shottle): +2505 TPI, +1.98 UDC, 2.85 SCS

014HO07231 Hangover (Mogul x Man-O-Man x Goldwyn): +2391 TPI, +2.19 PTAT, +1158 Milk, +117 CFP

014HO07270 Barret (O-Style x Shottle x Forbidden): +2363 TPI, +3.1 Fertility Index, +3.3 DPR 

014HO07306 Greenday (Gold Chip x Jeeves x Zenith): +2334 TPI, 2.70 SCS, +4.5 PL

014HO07288 Coman (Epic x Observer x Goldwyn): +2334 TPI, +2.25 PTAT,

014HO07264 Linear (Mogul x Shottle x Toystory): +2326 TPI, +2.52 PTAT

014HO07269 Lance (Numero Uno x Goldwyn x Zenith): +2324 TPI, +2.55 PTAT, +2.49 UDC,  

014HO07296 Racer  (Lexor x Observer x Ramos): +2318 TPI, 2.69 SCS, +2.8 Fertility Index, +2.5 SCR

014HO07276 Fuelup (Epic x Russell x Boliver): +2307 TPI, 5.2% SCE, +6.9 PL

014HO07263 Save*RC (Epic x Gabor x Advent-RED): +2253 TPI, 6.1% SCE, +1.53 UDC

014HO07229 Clear Cut (Numero Uno x Atwood x Shottle): +2201 TPI, +2.80 PTAT, +2.64 UDC