Beef Flyers

High In Demand

14AN461 Jindra Acclaim

One of our TOP SELLERS so far in 2018, ACCLAIM ranks as the current No. 2 $Beef bull in the breed, while ranking in the top 10 percent or higher for CED, WW, YW, RADG, DOC, HP, CW, Fat, $W, $F. 

Covering all the Bases

14AR2092 Dawson
14AR2075 Rebel
14AR2073 Spartacus

Thank You For Another Great Season

2018 Spring | Top Ten Sires 

14AN461 Acclaim
14AN450 Glory
14AN502 Tahoe
14AN497 New Addition
14AN426 Charlo
14AN447 Banker
14AN422 Discovery
14AN370 Platinum
14AN427 Stingray
14AN351 Thunderbird 

Beat the Heat with Bovine Accellyte II

BOVINE ACCELLYTE II is a specialized electrolyte for periods of stress, rehydration and pre-hydration. Multiple application methods such as drenching, adding to stock tanks or individual water feedings make BOVINE ACCELLYTE II simple to use.  It can also be dry mixed into feed during stressful events such as calving, vaccinations, feed changes, heat stress and illness. In addition to on-farm events, it’s an ideal option to hydrate show stock. Contact your representative and request BOVINE ACCELLYTE II.

Exciting Young Rockstars

Exciting Young Rockstars

14AN500 Fox Trot
14AN503 Engage
14AN497 New Addition

Value Added-14AN422 Discovery


Few sires have added more value to their progeny over the past two years than DISCOVERY. Sale after sale have reported his offspring commanding top dollars for breeders who have invested in his genetics. Adding value and returning more dollars for your genetic investment have been the standard for this great sire. 

14AN502 Tahoe


An exciting new calving ease sire with explosive growth ranking in the top 1% for CED and 5% for WW!

14AN450 Glory


A unique pedigree for top $B Bloodlines! 

Extraordinary Phenotype

Extraordinary Performance-Extraordinary Phenotype 

Exciting sires designed to generate cattle you'll be proud of!

14AN450 Glory
14AN500 Fox Trot
14AN497 New Addition

The Right Kind-Powerful Young Sires-Hereford


14HP1043 Torque
14HP1037 Small Town Kid